A few years ago I was talking to a friend about the CSX viaduct which leads up to the Ohio River bridge. He told me that he had been there before and told me about one foggy morning, how peaceful and beautiful it was as the train passed by in the fog.

So on February 2, 2019 I got up early and headed to the viaduct runs through part of Evansville, Indiana known as Rahm. I was driving on Old Henderson Road in the fog as the sun started to come up, thinking that I was going to be too late for the shot I had in mind.

As I was passing through the location known as Dogtown and keeping a close eye on the road, a deer ran out in front of my truck! I tried to stop but still hit it, knocking it down. It got up, looked at me, laughed, and then ran into the woods. I got out to look at the damage to my truck, but luckily there was only minor damage to the grill and headlights, so I proceeded to the viaduct.

When I got there I knew wanted a shot of a northbound so after looking at several spots I found the one that I liked. Luckily, there was plenty of time before the fog would burn off. Then, off in the distance, across the Ohio River, I heard lonesome horn of northbound coming north from Henderson, Kentucky.

I got set up, making camera adjustments as it got closer, for the sharpest picture. I don’t think I got the best shot, but I’m pleased with the results! I waited for another train but the fog lifted, so in the end all I got was a really expensive picture for the day! However, at least my insurance paid for the repairs from the deer encounter and a rental for a new Toyota Camry while my truck was repaired! The hazards of rail fanning!