Nashville Music City Star NRTX 790 Cab Car train ID 156 heading to downtown Nashville as it passes by the Nashville Pumping Station built-in 1888 also known as the George Reyer Pumping Station and Omohundro Water Plant in Nashville, Tennessee on March 20, 2021.

A control car, cab car (US and Canada), control trailer, or driving trailer (UK and Ireland) is a generic term for a non-powered railroad (US) or railway (UIC) vehicle that can control the operation of a train at the end, opposite to the position of the locomotive. They can be used with diesel or electric motive power, allowing push-pull operation without the use of an additional locomotive. They can also be used with a power car or a railcar. In a few cases, control cars were used with steam locomotives, especially in Germany and France.

In the United States and Canada, cab cars are controlled cars similar to regular passenger cars, but with a full driver’s compartment built into one or both ends. They can be very similar to regular rail cars, to the point of including a gangway between cars so that they could be used in the middle of a passenger train as a regular car if necessary. -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia