CSX Transportation, CSXT 839 GE ES44AC-H leading a grain train over the long approach to the Henderson bridge over the Ohio River, this location known as Rahm in Evansville, Indiana on July 21, 2022.

The original viaduct was constructed in 1885 by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. In 1932 the current viaduct was built and was 12,123 feet long, the bridge over the Ohio River taking up 648 feet of that distance.

The new span over the Ohio River was designed and built to be used as a double track and the approach pier has a block puzzle design for interlocking the existing pier to the new pier to allow a second approach. The bridge was built for a double track.

However, the second approach was never built, and I was told by a CSX employee that the track on the bridge is too close for the harmonic rocking of the trains.